Upcoming seminar for architects: 31st August and 1st September carries ARC CPD points

We have a seminar for architects at the end of this month as per notice. Venue is Mokolodi Conference facility. To get the bus please ensure you are at Mokolodi entrance preferably by 8h00, 8h30 latest.

For information and bookings, please contact the executive secretary on 71816811 or at bidp@mega.bw

Banker's guarantee standard agreement

We now have a standard agreement for use with our contracts. An editable version is listed in Publications.

BIDP New Brand Identity/Logo

Our new logo, by Glowflox Enterprises

The serif typeface hearkens back to our heritage as a 40 year old institute

The buildings skyline motif pays homage to our bias towards the construction industry as a major contributor to development.

The ‘Light Beach’ shade of brown represent the earth, the first physical element to be worked on in a development activity such as building.

Members new certificates (Available now!) will now show this logo. The old logo has been retained on our seal.

Site Notice Boards

We have some new images picking up our standard boards and colours. They are available from our Publications page on this site.

CPD SEMINAR-Upcoming end of February

A belated Happy New year to fellow professionals and members of BIDP.

Did you have a Professional Development Plan for this year in your Resolutions?
Did you Assess and Evaluate your competence and identify an area of potential improvement (There is always one)?

You could perhaps introspect as follows:
1. What area do I really need to improve performance?
2. How does this link with my other objectives?
3. What skills do I need to LEARN to achieve this?
4. What will I do to achieve this?
5. What resources and support will I need to acchieve this?
6. Ho will I evaluate success?

AGM 2017

The BIDP annual general meeting is scheduled for 18h00 tomorrow, 5th September at the President Hotel, Main Mall.

Please support your organisation and join in electing the new Council

Snacks and beverages will be available.

BIDP seminar, 7th July, 2017 in Francistown

Please note the flier below on the topics forming the seminar. Bookings and inquiries via the executive secretary on 71816811.

Please note that we do not offer comments online owing to scam inputs. Emails to bidp@mega.bw would be noted.

SADC looks to open trade in construction professional services

Botswana and the other members of SADC are in a process of trying to negotiate opening up the fields of construction and related professional services. This is an interesting one for Botswana, given the coming into effect of the numerous acts controlling the development professions in Botswana. A general background link is in a sponsored article here. Or should we keep blocking the trade routes inside Africa?

Saint-Gobain product exposition coming up on 11th April 2017

The details are given on the flier below.

Contact the executive secretary for details.

A new bank account for BIDP

From 1st March, the BIDP account at FNB is closed. We continue with our new account at Stanbic bank, branch Fairgrounds Gaborone. Please contact the executive secretary if you have any questions or need details. Please remember, if you make a direct payment, you need to give details of the purpose of the payment and state the payer. If paying multiple subscriptions, please put down the names of all those being paid for.