2020 Annual General Meeting

The AGM is scheduled for 8th October, 2020. For the first time, BIDP will be endeavouring to include remote attendance. The primary venue is the President Hotel in Gaborone, and remote attendees will be asked to request invitations by 12h00 midday on October 8th. Validation of remote attendees before the meeting will be necessary. All members who have lodged email addresses with us have already been sent the basic regulations to be used to enable remote attendees, and more information will be following.

We have created a page for AGM at AGM 2020 with draft minutes and 2019 minutes.

We have also created a page for Element information at Element secure messaging (install and conference call usage)

You are invited to install Element secure messaging on your phone or laptop/desktop following the above instructions. Once you have a user defined, inform the executive secretary at temporary 76277550 or BIDP cell 71816811 and your invitation to the AGM room at #bidp.bw-agm20:matrix.org will follow. Once accepted, please contact us to validate your presence at the AGM as noted above.

Any queries to Executive secretary.