Element secure messaging options during a conference call

To connect, you will need a reasonable-strength signal of internet and Element secure messaging

On a mobile device

Open Element and pick the direct connection or room. If you are the admin and the page does not have the Jitsi widget open, open it:

Admin click on ... menu and ‘Add Matrix apps’

Admin click on the Jitsi logo

Admin click on save and close popup clicking x at top right

Once the Jitsi widget is available or when already available, select Voice or Video conference call. Admin can click close to remove Jitsi until next required.

At the bottom of the conference call screen, you have <round left> mute/unmute microphone, <round centre> leave call, round right <stop/start camera> and ... sub-menu

The sub-menu offers <select the sound device> phone/speaker, <audio only mode> enable/disable, <hand> raise/lower and <more options> sub-sub-menu

The sub-sub-menu offers

Select the sound device


Enable audio only mode




Toggle camera

Your face/back camera

Tile view


Start recording

Jitsi recording service start/stop

Start live stream

Google live stream (requires pre-arranged service for minimum 1000 connected)

Share a youtube video

Enter the link

Add meeting password

Password if required for the current meeting

On a desktop/Laptop full install or install on browser Firefox or Chrome

Open Element and pick your direct connection or room

Jitsi not yet available. Admin can open widgets

Admin clicked on room name at top left

Admin clicked on add widgets

Admin clicked on Jitsi

Then click on save, then click on top right x in popup window to close popup window

Next click on two arrows to reduce

Minimised Jitsi line

Then click on the two arrows and then the square with arrow to use full screen. Click on ‘join conference’

Bottom line has menu items

Share your screen

Raise/lower your hand

Microphone off/on

Leave this call

Camera off/on

Toggle tile view

Share link & dial-in info for this meeting