How to join Element secure messaging

We are developing some additional contacts for BIDP. To connect, you will need internet and Element secure messaging.

Element does messaging, voice/video calls and conference calls and more. It is free and open source software. It works simultanously for one user on phone and desktop/laptop, allowing big screen and keyboard. You can set up your own addresses or rooms using Element to connect with your family or work people, and access the many interest group pages that exist.

To use Element, kindly take your browser to, then for mobiles play store <element secure messaging> or <get element then mobile>google play>, install Element secure messaging on phone (~22Mb download, ~80Mb install for Android) or other device (ie desktop/laptop) that has camera and sound and internet access, then create an account giving user name <Use only a-z 0-9 . _ and - > and password <write it down>. Next do 'not a robot'. Then give your email address. When done, they will send you an email asking you to click to confirm your account <if email is not seen in seconds, check your spam folder>. Then open Element again, give them a passphrase (ie 'mycatisblack', record the encryption key in a text file in your home directory (ie drop it in notepad, save in home folder like 'element-key.txt') note your account info near top left and connect to our public pages or the agm20 room.

When prompted add the jitsi conference call app, if not yet installed, by downloading jitsi at the prompt and continue. Jitsi is a ‘widget’ used by element for conference calls. Other widgets are also available.

You can set up direct messaging <1 to 1> or rooms <private or public groups> as you please. You will be the default administrator on items you create. Private links require an initial invitation to your target person, which that person needs to accept to establish the link. See our guide on conference call usage.

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