CPD SEMINAR-Upcoming end of February

A belated Happy New year to fellow professionals and members of BIDP.

Did you have a Professional Development Plan for this year in your Resolutions?
Did you Assess and Evaluate your competence and identify an area of potential improvement (There is always one)?

You could perhaps introspect as follows:
1. What area do I really need to improve performance?
2. How does this link with my other objectives?
3. What skills do I need to LEARN to achieve this?
4. What will I do to achieve this?
5. What resources and support will I need to acchieve this?
6. Ho will I evaluate success?

If you are an Architectural Professional, a Contractor, a Quantity Surveyor, an Engineer, a facility manger, or just someone who has to deal with a myriad of contracts , BIDP or otherwise , or has always mulled the efficacy of a BIDP contract in your work, BIDP has the answers to your questions.

You will find the answers in the intensive seminars on BIDP contracts workshop that we host from time to time. Over two days, we go through the BIDP contracts, clause by clause, citing examples from practice by our experienced facilitators we point out potential pitfalls in a contract and how to avoid them citing numerous case law examples, we disect BIDP contracts, outlining all responsibilities and how you should execute them, with real life comparisons to other contracts you may have used. It is an intensive amalagam of decades of experience by our Facilitators and you stand to carry away with you an arsenal of knowledge on how to administer or function under a contract, together with possible regrets about how you should have tacked things before.

We have one such Seminar coming up end of February and we are finalising all requirement to gain CPD points from The Architects Registration Council.

We will keep you posted on the Preparations.


Brian Dikgola
BIDP President