BIDP shop

BIDP shop is open through to Wednesday 23rd December, and opens again Tuesday 5th January. If desperate, call.


AGM Minutes are done. To access them just click on agm 20, it will open the minutes in web version.

2020 Annual General Meeting

The AGM is scheduled for 8th October, 2020. For the first time, BIDP will be endeavouring to include remote attendance. The primary venue is the President Hotel in Gaborone, and remote attendees will be asked to request invitations by 12h00 midday on October 8th. Validation of remote attendees before the meeting will be necessary. All members who have lodged email addresses with us have already been sent the basic regulations to be used to enable remote attendees, and more information will be following.

BIDP shop is open to permit holders and functioning as normally as we can

Gaborone cv19 lockdown 3 allows us to focus you on our web site and digital information. Normal opening hours if you need to speak to us.

We can sell you our documents, with payment direct to bank and delivery by courier or at the door to permit holders.

Contactus is here:

Price increase for electronic reference documents

Please note that BIDP has increased the prices of its electronic reference documents. Also remember that these are not for editing and not for signing, but are to allow you to circulate readable copies (note reduced resolution as at to tenderers, clients or fellow professionals.

Open our publications page at to see the new prices.

BIDP shop

Dear Customers, please note that as from 1jy20, you should check on shop phone or riot before calling at the shop. Door will not be open when shopkeeper is out.

Contact us is at

BIDP is open and working (including doors) after Gaborone lockdown 2

BIDP executive secretary is available on 71816811 Mon-Fri 8am-1pm/2pm-5pm except public holidays. Now also available on riot instant messaging at If you have an access problem, ask for an invite.

BIDP emails to will also receive BIDP attention during working hours

BIDP and Element Instant Messaging

We are developing some additional contacts for executive secretary and shop. To connect, you will need internet and Element instant messaging (was Riot).

Element does messaging, voice/video calls and conference calls and more. It is free and open source software. It works simultanously on phone and desktop/laptop, allowing big screen and keyboard. You can set up your own addresses or rooms using Element to connect with your family or work people, and access the many interest group pages that exist.

BIDP shop door re-opens

The BIDP shop at plot 915 has re-opened its door post-lockdown, and subject to covid19 access rules. Open Monday to Friday 7h45-13h00 and 14h00 to 16h45, except public holidays.

Force majeure: effect on BIDP contracts

force majeure (usually uncountable, plural forces majeures)

1: An overwhelming force. quotations ▼

2: (law) An unavoidable catastrophe, especially one that prevents someone from fulfilling a legal obligation. quotations ▼