BIDP is adding a link to the data from the April 1993 UIA/UNESCO Seminar "The elementary school towards the year 2000"

BIDP will be placing links to outside sites where we consider information may be of interest to our members and community.

This seminar data can be found at

Please give feedback to the secretary if you have comment/s.

BIDP Email Address

Dear Member,

After some difficulties with our Mega email services earlier in the year, we switched to using, which has been very helpful. It will remain available for future use.

Mega have now restored normal service on and after overcoming some other issues of administration, we are now able to advise that we are switching back to for communications with members.

Please contact us if you need further information.

BIDP shop is relocating end August

Our present Gaborone hosts are moving office at the end of August. The BIDP shop for sales, subscription payments and inquiries will revert to plot 915, Phalane Close, Ext 2, Gaborone from September until further notice.

Enabling techniques and technologies

With a view to helping members and interested persons involved in physical developments, we have opened a page 'Enabled disabled' at

on this site to provide some guidelines and thoughts.

BIDP AGM is coming up September 26th

Please note the changed date. Members are requested to take a little time to join in proceedings at the AGM on Thursday, 26th September, 2019 at 18h00 at the President Hotel, Gaborone. Please consider participating on Council if you are prepared to put in some time each month to help us have an active organisation creating events of interest and maintaining standards in our publications.

BIDP talk on Facilities Management

The proposed talk on facilities management by Evans Moje and Edward Mazhani is scheduled for 17h30 on Wednesday, 4th September 2019, at Legae Academy, plot 19893, Hatsalatladi Way, Gaborone (map below).

Events for May and June 2019 cancelled

We advise that three scheduled events for May and June 2019 are hereby cancelled. Our next activity is the talk being arranged for July 2019.

Palapye contracts seminar April 2019 is cancelled

We regret to advise that the contracts seminar which was being organised for 12-13th April 2019 is cancelled.

Engage with your privacy

Consider your own, your peers' and your clients' undue exposure. The link is to a privacy-repecting site making an effort to consider internet activity and act in the public interest:

Contracts Seminar, Palapye, postponed to April 2019

We are arranging for a BIDP contracts seminar in Palapye, now postponed to mid-February. ARC CPD points available. Attendance charge is P2,750, with a discount for BIDP members. The charge includes paper copies of contract documents and teas/lunches on the two days. Watch this space or contact our executive secretary 71816811 for updates.