BIDP seminar, 7th July, 2017 in Francistown

Please note the flier below on the topics forming the seminar. Bookings and inquiries via the executive secretary on 71816811.

Please note that we do not offer comments online owing to scam inputs. Emails to would be noted.

SADC looks to open trade in construction professional services

Botswana and the other members of SADC are in a process of trying to negotiate opening up the fields of construction and related professional services. This is an interesting one for Botswana, given the coming into effect of the numerous acts controlling the development professions in Botswana. A general background link is in a sponsored article here. Or should we keep blocking the trade routes inside Africa?

Saint-Gobain product exposition coming up on 11th April 2017

The details are given on the flier below.

Contact the executive secretary for details.

A new bank account for BIDP

From 1st March, the BIDP account at FNB is closed. We continue with our new account at Stanbic bank, branch Fairgrounds Gaborone. Please contact the executive secretary if you have any questions or need details. Please remember, if you make a direct payment, you need to give details of the purpose of the payment and state the payer. If paying multiple subscriptions, please put down the names of all those being paid for.

Bank account info

BIDP has opened a new account at Stanbic Fairgrounds, Gaborone.

We shall circulate information for direct payments. Please don't make direct payments unless you attach payer name and purpose of payment.

Please contact the Executive secretary for details.


BIDP is organizing the dinner for the 1st December 2016 at Thapong Visual Arts Centre in Gaborone Village. P280 per person. 6pm till 11pm. Contact the executive secretary for bookings/tickets.

Revised 17no16

Contract seminar 2016

The seminar will take place on Thursday, 10th November, 2016, at Mokolodi, Gaborone. Please contact the executive secretary Wilson Mojuta on 71816811 for details and bookings. Updated 3no16

St Gobain Products Exposition

We are liaising with St Gobain to arrange this function on Friday, 12th August at Cresta Hotel, Gaborone, starting 8h30 and finishing around 13h00. Contact the secretary for details.

BIDP Shop has moved

The BIDP shop has moved from plot 915 to Val Interiors at first floor, Medlass House adjacent Bontleng Mall.

Back online

Having replaced our power connector, BIDP is back online